About us


OUR MISSION To enable businesses harness the power of technology and simplify their lives


       To introduce technological innovations for tomorrow

       To acquire a technology-driven global presence

       To make Elixia one of the best companies to work with

Elixia Tech Solutions Limited is an ISO 9001: 2010 certified company founded in 2011 with a mission to incubate high end technological innovations. Our forte lies in creating user friendly solutions which are easy to operate and integrate. Our team (we call ourselves ‘Elixirs’) works continuously with an aim to deliver products and services of the highest quality to our customers. Currently, we cater to more than 450 customers spread across almost all possible segments and industries enabling us to automate their processes and simplify their lives by solving their most critical problems on a daily basis.

The endeavor at Elixia is to build web based and mobile based solutions for our customers in order to give them complete freedom to access their solutions at all times even while they are on the move. Based out of Mumbai with operational presence and a wide customer base across all major cities in India, we work closely with a variety of businesses to create unique solutions while working on various platforms to enhance productivity and pave way for technology integration and automation.

We are committed equally to customer as well as employee satisfaction. Our focus since the beginning has been on innovation and providing the highest quality of solutions and services to our customers and at the same time providing the highest quality environment possible at the workplace to all our ‘Elixirs’. We strongly believe that our employees are our most valued customers. We are driven to ensure complete customer as well as employee satisfaction as a responsible and growing business.

Starting from a small rented conference room in 2011 to a sprawling, state-of-the-art, swanky self-owned workplace today, it is these qualities and principles that have held Elixia in good stead and our team is committed to ensure that we continue operating with the same attitude, passion and drive that has been the cornerstone of our success till date.

With the passing of time, we have evolved from a product based company to an end to end logistics automation company catering to a huge customer base with our innovative and ever-evolving solutions. We firmly believe that with feet on the ground and with sky-high vision, we will be able to conquer what we have set out to do and be the best that we can be. In terms of our story and in terms of our growth, we are just getting started!



The Elixia story begins when Sanket Sheth (our Founder and Managing Director) was working at a startup in the United States after his Masters in Computer Science. There, Sanket was solely responsible for building the entire backbone of the package tracking product which the company was providing to its elite customers. A small discussion with the founder of that company over a slice of pizza got Sanket thinking about the scope of technology and automation back in his homeland and soon, a la Mohan Bhargav in Swades, he packed his bags and came back to India for good.

In June 2011, Elixia Tech was registered as a private limited company and, out of a small rented space, Sanket started working on his first product – Elixia Police – a mobile app for asset tracking. In due course as the team expanded and after understanding the market requirement, Elixia Speed – a vehicle tracking solution - was conceptualized, designed and developed. With time Elixia Speed as a product and Elixia Tech as a company grew, evolved and the rest, as they say, is history. All solutions that Elixia now offers are in line with the company’s vision of being an end-to-end logistics automation consultant and solution provider. In essence, every ‘Elixir’ (team member at Elixia) is essentially a problem solver and therefore the company by itself takes pride in providing solutions to the most critical problems that our customers face on a daily basis. Constant innovation based on customer feedback and designing solutions that hit the bull’s eye and solve the most raging problems has always been the key strength of Elixia.

The fact that today Elixia serves more than 450 customers that include the biggest names in every industry segment speaks volumes of our growth, consistency and a never say never attitude.

Some important milestones:

  • June
  • Elixia Tech is registered as a private company and starts operating out of a small, leased conference room of someone else’s office
  • December
  • Elixia Police, Elixia’s first product, is launched
  • July
  • Elixia moves to a humble, self-owned office in Vidyavihar
  • August
  • Elixia Speed is conceptualized
  • September
  • First prototype of Elixia Speed is launched and customer acquisition begins
  • March
  • Elixia Monitor is launched
  • April
  • The Times Group is brought on board as a customer
  • October
  • Elixia goes global and begins international operations
  • March
  • Elixia Fleet is launched
  • May
  • Mahindra Finance chooses Elixia Tech for tracking and managing its entire fleet of vehicles pan India
  • July
  • Monginis Foods partners with Elixia for their logistics automation requirements
  • January
  • Elixia moves to new premises, twice as big as the existing one
  • March
  • Mondelez International starts using Elixia Speed and Elixia Monitor pan India
  • July
  • Elixia Enterprise is envisaged and designed
  • October
  • Mondelez Starts using Elixia Enterprise for their end-to-end primary logistics
  • February
  • Elixia Sales is launched and piloted
  • June
  • Elixia Trace is launched with much fanfare at a grand launch event
  • August
  • Elixia goes global with Mondelez with its solutions for Asia-Pacific and European markets
  • October
  • Sanofi India starts using Elixia Monitor across all it warehouses pan India
  • November
  • Elixia moves to its current headquarters at Neelkanth Corporate Park in Vidyavihar to a sprawling, swanky, state-of-the-art office
  • February
  • Elixia Docs is launched


Sanket originally wanted to name the company as Elixir Technologies. Elixir literally means Amrit, which is the utopian medicine that can cure all ills. Similarly, he envisaged that Elixir Technologies would be the company which would resolve all technological hindrances faced by people in their daily lives in order to make technology accessible to them and simplify their lives. Unfortunately, Elixir Technologies was already registered at the time, and thus, it was reincarnated as Elixia Tech Solutions.

In line with the company’s vision, every team member at Elixia Tech is referred to as ‘Elixir’ – with their primary purpose being to assist every customer to the best of their ability to resolve all their issues and simplify their lives every step of the way. This is the only binding thread of the culture at Elixia Tech where the ultimate focus is on customer satisfaction even if it means going out of our way to help them; and obviously, never say never!