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There are many reasons to adopt Elixia Speed. You may choose yours.


With increasing crime, you can never be assured of your vehicle's safety. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Unsafe Driving

With multiple drivers, it is difficult to keep tabs on individual driving patterns and monitor the risk associated with over overspeeding and unsafe driving.

Vehicle Misuse

Company vehicles tend to be used for personal work and many times beyond business hours.

Mismanaged dispatching

With no information on real time vehicle location it becomes difficult to dispatch the closest vehicle to job site, leading to higher lag times and inefficient management.

Stuck In Office

You need to be in office to get any data related to vehicle, be it location details, vehicle documents, repair history or such similar information.


No records of repairs undertaken on a vehicle keeps the company vulnerable to pilferages.

Spiralling Expenses

With no cost accounting , you never know when your expenses will spiral beyond your limits.

Scattered Vehicle Documentation

Unable to find vehicle papers when required? This is what happens when there is no centralised document management system.

Unhealthy Fleet

You might be better off disposing the current vehicle and buying a new one rather than spending more on repairs and maintenance. But who will highlight this to you?


The system has all encompassing features so that you can focus on what matters.


Whatever be the equation, thet end result will always be beneficial with Elixia Speed.
Reduced Idling
No Route
Low Fuel Consumption
Money Saved
Customer Access To Track Consignments
Improved Transparency With Correct Info to Customers
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Unscheduled Stoppage Alert
Timely Dispatch Based on Realtime Location
Improved Productivity
Realtime Tracking
Checkpoint & Geofence Alert
Theft Prevention
No Overspeeding
Improved Driving Behaviour
Increase in Safety
Auto Service Reminder
Document Renewal Reminder
Centralised Document Upload
Healthy & Settled Fleet
Review Every Maintenance Activity
Approval Mechanism
No Pilferage
Higher Accountability


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